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You most likely came across this page looking for a way to change and improve yourself.  You have come to the right place!

My Fit Self was created as an avenue to get YOU in the best shape and health of your life.  It is also a positive affirmation that you own your success, whether it be a full health & fitness transformation or by changing your life with joining our team. Imagine making a career of helping others.  It is a job my entire team takes a lot of pride in!

Regardless the circumstance, let's chalk it up as meant to be.. YOU CAME TO THE RIGHT PLACE! WELCOME! LET'S DO THIS!

Ready to coach or join our group! CLICK HERE and let us start today!


Click on image for PiYo infomercial


The core of what we do is the base we use.  We are proud coaches for Beach Body Fitness Programs.  Each program has been developed by celebrity trainers so they are not just effective, they are also realistic because you can do then anywhere.. especially at home!

Each Program comes with a structured workout schedule and duration. Some are as short as 3 weeks and some are a few months.  ALL ARE AMAZING! The workouts vary depending on your goals.  Each program has an easy to follow meal plan and includes a 30 day supply of shakeology.

Do these programs even work?
Jaime VR herself, founder of My Fit Self has been celebrated and put on TV as a true life transformation story for one of the many programs she coaches for. She is also a certified instructor for this same program and a seasoned coach for the many programs Beach Body offers.

Feel free to enjoy her story on the PiYo Infomercial. Her story is 22:00mins into the infomercial.




Team Victory Regime puts health first and foremost.. That's what it is all about.  Weight-loss is just a bi-product of a fabulous change in your life.

Jaime VR's personal story is that this all began because of her hit rock bottom with her health. She was uncomfortably overweight, pre-diabetic, her hypothyroidism as unstable and getting worse by the day, and she had 3 different types of cancer scares.  It was the do or die moment for her.  She fought back with these same programs she and her team now coaches.

In addition to the fitness programs, realistic/easy to follow meal plans come with the kits.  They use regular clean foods from the grocery store so you are learning real life, long term habits.  Along with the meal plans, a 30 day supply of Shakeology is included.  Shakeology a whole and super food nutrient richmeal replacement.

We recommend using it for whatever meal is the least convenient for you during the day to make life easier. It guarantees a fully balanced meal at least once a day, will expedite fat loss, boost your energy and build your metabolism.  Beyond all this, it tastes amazing!  When you see how perfect it fits into your life you may want to consider continue using it at 25% off each month as a preferred customer or coach!



Now HERE is the magic! The support and coaching we provide is what gives our clients the real results! PLUS, IT'S FREE WHEN YOU PURCHASE THE PROGRAM!  OH, DID WE MENTION IT IS FOR LIFE? Best part? We do NOT have to be in your city. Just be in Canada or the U.S. magic of online!

Having someone hold your hand and guide you is the magic and reason so many of our clients achieve their life long results! We want to help you!  We have options of an all access pass so we can pair you with the best programs that you will want to do every day in the comfort of your own home.

Different ways we support:
1. One on One.. we can message, email, or talk. We are here to help you especially with questions and help on your journey

2.  Challenge Groups! We LOVE these! Each person that commits to us as their coach receives access to an exclusive facebook support group, any challenge groups we host, daily motivation, support, feedback,  & a chance to earn a great prize at the end of each challenge group!

3. VIP Life time Support group. Done with your program? NO PROBLEM! WE AREN'T GOING ANYWHERE.  We are here to support you along the way as you continue on with life!



From getting fit before you go, to the day your toes hits the sand can offer you both options.  Our team are also fitness coaches so we understand the importance of making sure the details are arrange.

New to our My Fit Self - fitness groups get aways
Imagine we set up a private online boot camp for you.  Gave you the tools to get in shape in 8 weeks and then travel to a hot vacation and enjoy the hard work we created! We have a variety of packages where can even travel with you and we  have daily workouts of PiYo on deck!  Email us for detials so we can create something custom for you!

Group retreats with a 6-8 week fitness groups (all styles) to get you in shape before you go!  We even offer a fintess coach to travel with you and live workouts on the terrace or beach everyday before you play! Great for bachlorette groups, women