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The Journey to Joy Project was created to help clients of our Life Coaching Services get back into the driver's seat of Life>
Finding JOY in our JOurneY's is what life should be about. Enjoying a whole life as it is being lived.
We need to love the journey, not just think we will be happy when we reach the destination.



Do you ever feel like you are not in driver’s seat in life and you are tossed around and missing the JOY in the little things?

This session will touch on the key elements of the importance of synchronizing the mind, body and spirit with the our lives. The key is building a Life of By Design and Suffocating the Excuses.

 We will lightly explore how planning our lives more with scheduling based on quality of life and making non-negotiables will allow for pockets of quality time.  We will cover ways to create mindset shifts and go over improving our over all health will improve our quality of life.

The key is life is this:
Live your life on purpose
Live a life of purpose
Make a Life by Design


Journey to Joy - Life Empowerment Course

This is a 6 week comprehensive class was created to help clients have the tangible tools to equip them to make choices so they can make their best life now.  We will explore: mind, body and spirit how to empower better choices and make pockets of time so each day is lived on purpose and with purpose.


Journey to Joy - One on One Life Coaching

Sometimes that each helping hand and support system is what we need to get through the good and bad times.  The biggest challenges often are navigating through feels. How to restructure our lives financially and emotionally.  Even the extra step of being healthy so we can make choices with a clear mind, not under duress.  This is where one on one time is necessary so it is tailored to you and your life.


Journey to Joy - health and wellness retreats

Blue ocean, PiYo (Pilates / Yoga Hybrid) on the beach, feeding the mind and soul with life empowerment classes and mediation. Even having a guide to help with better food choices so your trip is exciting and still positive to your over all health.  Guided by a travel agent, international event planner, certified instructor and fitness coach will give you the full guidance you need to enjoy the stay and return refueled and ready to face the world.