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Engaged?  Halfway done your planning, but need some help?  Need a little help on your wedding day?  Well hello and please to meet you.  You have definitely come to the right place!

Our team of experts design and plan style infused weddings & events that can be custom down to the smallest detail internationally. When planning your dream day, we will work closely with you to tailor our services to create something you will remember for a life time.  We will also add in the extra details that make the investment worth the while.

From start to finish or if you just need us to aid with the time consuming details, we are there to do it With Style.  Our Wedding Coordinators have been trained by the Wedding Planner’s Institute of Canada (WPIC). Also, with planning weddings around the world, our team has educate themselves to think out of the norm.  It gives every event and



We have been specialising in destination weddings since 2004!! We know the many facets it takes to make a destination wedding momentous, and also the importance of research and guidance to see it through to the end. Over the years we have built relationships with vendors and resorts around the globe which benefits our clients every day. We know the right questions to ask to find what you need to get the wedding you desire, and above all else, we care. We care a lot about our clients.
 We may not be able to control the weather, nor country entrance requirements, but we can guide you through this process. Take a peek at our destinatioon wedding planning packages. We have from the very detailed to just getting you started out right! In the end its about you and enjoying the journey. In the end that's what it is all about about!

Not sure where to start?

Contact us for a initial meeting or video call.  It is important to us that we are well paired for the job! After all, we will be working in partnership for your future wedding or event.  It only makes sense that we work well together. It's our way of putting your best interest first.



Are you looking for someone special to officiate your civil, non-denominational ceremony? Need to be wed before you depart on your destination wedding?

Jaime VR is had the privilege of marrying many couples since 2005.  From large ceremonies to tiny elopements, she acknowledges the commitment you both as a couple share.  She will help you create your ceremony from start to finish and customize vows, speeches, and guide you during the rehearsal so that wedding day is all about the most important part, your marriage to each other.

Marriage Commissioner Fees include unlimited creative inputs by phone or email to customized your ceremony vows, a maximum of 2 appointments prior to the wedding to discuss custom touches to the vows, speeches, etc.  Fees also include the rehearsal with full creative input, and of course the big day, your the wedding! 

*Please Note that there may be an additional charge for long weekends, holidays & locations outside Winnipeg city limits depending on distance.  Also, Marriage Commissioner Services do not include Wedding Day Coordinating.

Have a Civil Ceremony Here & Have Your Wedding at a Resort in Paradise:

If you are getting married at a resort, you should consider a legal civil ceremony here prior to departure.  You will still have the wedding of your dreams in paradise, but exclude the extra charges and inconveniences that you do not see in the brochures.  This is without mentioning the challenges if need a copy of your marriage certificate in the future.  If marriage prior to departure you will qualify for a renewal of vows ceremony, at most resorts.  It is simple, we do the legal portion here (no one but 2 witness have to attend if you wish), and you can be on your way to enjoy the full wedding in paradise!

If you hire us to book your destination wedding, we will discount 50% off of our regular wedding commissioner service fees. 


platinum package

From start to finish we are there to hold your hand.  This package is all about helping you enjoy the journey to your big day.  Imagine making the process about organized choices instead of the chaos of trying to organize it into pieces.  Nothing is more sad than hearing a couple say, "I can't wait for this to be over." , and be referring to their wedding. Enjoying your wedding needs to start the moment you choose to have a wedding.  It is the journey not just the destination. 

Pearl Package or something in between

The Pearl Package was created for those couple DIY (do it yourself) couples who want the joy of planning, but need that helpful start. Not sure where to start? Still need the legal civil ceremony here?  These are the bases we cover.  Wedding packages can be customized. Please note that some items, even when omitted will not reduce the monetary cost of the planning package.  Please contact us for details.